3 Things to Consider When Working With An Architect on Your Commercial Project

3 Things to consider when working with an architect on your commercial project:

Have you ever been in a restaurant that just had a great vibe? Or walked into an office building where you could tell simply by the look and feel of the space that you were going to receive top-notch services or a high quality product? I can tell you these environments did not happen by accident. The most impactful spaces we inhabit are very carefully curated through collaboration between architects, engineers, interior designers and branding specialists.

Pictured: Noma 2.0 by BIG Architects

Pictured: Noma 2.0 by BIG Architects

Whether it’s consciously or subconsciously, we are shaped by our environments. There is actually science to support this claim. Studies have shown that natural light and views impact employee productivity. Patients in hospitals heal at a faster rate when there are views to the landscape from their beds. Students do better on tests when natural light and views are available in their classrooms. Light, views, acoustics, airflow and temperature are all measurable assets that can enhance the performance of buildings.

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Here are a few things to consider when working with an architect to design your commercial building whether you are seeking a new office building design, restaurant design, entry lobby design, office space planning, or a boutique shopping experience:

  1. Think about the vibe you want to project. Is it light and bright, dark and moody, sophisticated, bohemian, clean and minimal, modern, or traditional? Your architect can help you with this aspect of your brand identity.

  2. The exterior appearance and interior aesthetic of your space are a reflection of the inner workings of your business. Space configuration, furniture layout, colors, materials, textures, lighting, and views all tell a story. What story do you want to be told by your building?

  3. Never underestimate the power of good design. In the era of social media, designing an Instagram worthy space can enhance the social capital of your business which can translate directly into profits. Your architect can help you orchestrate the picture worthy moments that are basically free advertising.

    Call us and we can help you and your business tell your story. What do you want your story to be?

Breakroom in commercial office building by Emma Adkisson.

Breakroom in commercial office building by Emma Adkisson.

Emma Adkisson