The Year of the Brewery 2018

2018 was the “Year of the Brewery” for us here at PCA Architecture. There is a common thread that runs true for most of our clients – it’s not just about a damn good glass of beer – it’s about bringing people together and the shared connection of enjoying a cold one. It often starts with the lone brewer starting off in his home’s garage, innocently enough, as a hobby or maybe even a way to save money on the monthly alcohol budget. But more often than not, the alchemy of turning plants into a luscious golden adult beverage turns into a passion venturing into the territory of an obsession. It turns out some people are really, really good at brewing beer. Once their friends and families agree, some with an entrepreneurial spirit and those in possession of just enough crazy, grit, and D.I.Y. attitude will boldly go forth towards their own manifestation of the American Dream and start their own brewery for public consumption.

Braxton Brewing, photo cred: Braxton Brewing

Braxton Brewing, photo cred: Braxton Brewing

We were the architects for four breweries in 2018. We had a blast collaborating with each and every client – honoring their own unique vision and story. Most architects are savvy marketers and can assist not only on the architectural design and drawings required for obtaining a building permit, but also making sure that all elements of the building are “on brand” for the marketing and messaging the business owner wants to convey. We do this through thoughtful design of the exterior as well as the interiors: including the lighting, wall textures and colors, flooring, structure and the star of the show – the bar.


In our experience those who set forth to start their own brewery have a bold spirit and aren’t afraid to get their hands dirty. We love the collaboration that takes place between the business owner, the brew master, equipment vendors and the architects each sharing their own invaluable expertise to get the job done. We guide business owners towards a smooth landing at their final destination – a place where people want to come together in a great space that endures, inspires and keeps them wanting to come back for more.

Emma Adkisson