The Monarch Building

The Monarch Building

The Monarch Building

We have been dreaming and scheming on this building, what we have referred to it as the Monarch building, for over a year now. When I first toured the building, I was immediately enchanted. The existing building is a wonderful historic building designed in the Beaux Arts Style. It was first built to house a telephone company in the early 1900s. It gets it's named today b/c at one point it was the Monarch Tool Company.

There are so many things to love about the original historic building. I love the proportions of the building – the petite nature and high ceilings. I love the way the windows wrap all 3 sides of the building. It is rare to find a building with such lovely proportions and character.

Interior of existing historic Monarch Building

Interior of existing historic Monarch Building

But the main attraction to this building is the location. It sits on Fourth Street in Covington, Kentucky with dramatic views of the Roebling Suspension Bridge and city views of Cincinnati.

On my second trip to the building, I braved a wonky ass ladder to get on the roof and I was 100% sold. I was in love and giddy with the excitement and the energy this building and this location possessed.

Our architectural design journey over the last year has changed and evolved in order to maximize the development potential of the site.  We’ve designed a stair and elevator tower that will attach to the existing building. We’ve added two floors on top of the existing historic structure, both with roof decks overlooking Cincinnati. We have also now added a covered parking garage and a new 3 story office building that will connect to the historic Monarch Building.

The current Monarch Building Objective are:

  • Embody a spirit of place

  • Honor the historic structure while creating a truly modern addition and renovation

  • Design an efficient, aesthetic, and unique work environment

  • Enhance  the company’s brand or image through a signature building

  • Create a density that exhibits the “highest and best use” of the urban building site.

  • Enhance engagement in Covington and drive innovation

Honestly, projects like this don’t come around often. And they often metamorphosize into something totally different that what you thought at the on-set of the project.  This special butterfly is no different. But for now, we thought we’d share this stepping stone in the journey because we thinks she’s pretty special.